Hi there, I am Sanjeeb Bhattarai, from Nepal. I have university degrees in agroforestry and have nearly decade long experiences of working in research and development aspects of participatory natural resources management. I am keenly interested in broader contemporary environmental issues, such as agroecology, biodiversity, climate change and global warming. At present I am working for a doctoral (PhD) research project related to understanding and promoting agroecological components of coffee agroforestry systems mediated by ecosystem services in Costa Rica. The project is a joint effort between Wageningen University (the Netherlands), Montpellier SupAgro and CIRAD (France), and CATIE (Costa Rica) with scholarship from EU’s Erasmus Mundus integrated doctoral program AgTraIn (Agricultural Transformation by Innovation).

I am proficient in many environmental tools and techniques such as environmental assessment, geographical information system (GIS), large scale data management, statistical analyses, and modeling etc. I am very much involved in research and teaching related to these topics. Highlights of my experience and expertise are in Profile page. I am also keen in disseminating outcomes of my works through various media (e.g. scientific publication, oral and poster presentations etc.) and list of key Publications from the studies where I am involved also reflect my expertise and disciplinary interests.

I am passionate about using emerging power of computing technology (more particularly open source such as Q-GIS and R-statistics) in my field of expertise. Besides my works for the projects that I mentioned above, I do short consultancy  on the areas of my experise and interest during off-office hours, therefore, if you need my professional services or  need any further information/clarification on my publications, please feel free to Contact me.

Thank you for your visit and I look forward to hearing from you soon 🙂